Unlike many brokers and agents, Teevee Insurance does not simply focus on the “hazard risks” that are typically addressed via insurance. Our experience takes an enterprise-wide approach, consulting closely with you to identify, analyze and manage the widest possible range of business and individual risk.

We believe that the best way to manage any risk is to eliminate or reduce it, whenever this is possible. Teevee’s team of Risk Control professionals offers a wide range of consulting services including risk surveys and audits, portfolio evaluation and rating, loss prevention, fleet management, property conservation, business continuity, disaster recovery, supply chain management and corporate governance risk assessment.

For risks that cannot be eliminated or otherwise controlled, we will help you to quantify and financially analyze the loss potential in order to weigh the trade-offs between risk assumption and risk transfer. And we can assist in evaluating risk-funding options, such as deductible plans, retrospectively rated programs, captive insurance alternatives and qualified self-insurance.

When insurance protection is the right answer, we will work with you to design and deliver comprehensive, integrated, cost-effective coverage. With broad access to the insurance marketplace and strong, positive relationships with all major underwriters ,Teevee Insurance has both the means and the methods to reduce premiums, improve coverage terms and streamline the administration of your programs.