Pension and life insurance

Group Life Cover

This cover enables organizations to pay a lump sum amount (which is a fixed amount or a multiple of the employee's salary) to an employee who is critically ill or permanently disabled or to the beneficiaries of a deceased employee.

Pension Scheme

Encouraged by many states as a means of providing income in retirement to those previously employed. Many employers provide these for the welfare of their employees and as a tool to attract and retain quality staff.


An annuity is a contract that converts a sum of money into a series of periodic payments (i.e. monthly, quarterly, semi-annually and annually) for an agreed period of time.

Individual Pensions

Personal Pension Plan is a savings plan tailor-made to allow individuals secure their retirement. By making regular contributions into an interest bearing fund, you build your retirement fund while taking advantage of the tax-deductible benefits on your contributions and your investment income.

Mortgage Protection

Mortgage protection is a decreasing term assurance policy that covers the life of a person who has taken a mortgage. The amount of the benefit decreases in line with the mortgage amount, as the mortgagor makes periodical loan repayments.

Credit Life

This is a product that is designed to provide death benefits on death of the insured customer. During the term of the loan the amount outstanding on the loan as per the register of Members is paid to the lenders or financiers who lent the money.

Last Expense

Last Expense Plan is an insurance cover that makes planning for a funeral easier on your loved ones.